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How To Choose A Good Gaming Microphone

December 25th, 2014 by Debbie in Microphone


Are you in search of the good cheap microphone for gaming in 2015? Well, it must first strike your mind that microphones are
versatile and diverse at the same time. This means that you are bound to come across a wide range of
options when looking for the ideal gaming microphone. Your aim should be getting the best irrespective of the
daunting choosing task.
There are some key factors that must be accounted for in order to get the ultimate choice of a microphone.
Such factors should not be snubbed whatsoever since they go a long way in dictating the gaming experience
you will get.
Here are important things to consider:
This is the major point of microphone diversification. You will realize that there are different types of
microphones in existence. Some of them may not work well in gaming while others are a perfect match. It is
therefore very important to understand various types of microphones and their purposes. Some of the main
types prevailing in the market include:
Dynamic microphones
Condenser microphones
Ribbon microphones
Out of the three mentioned types, ribbon microphones are most recommended for the fact that they are of
high quality and small at the same time. In fact, you can mount them on your fabrics as you play your game.
Dynamic and condenser microphones can also be used though with some limitations.
Polar Patterns
This is yet another very imperative factor that must be accounted for any time you are in search of a gaming
microphone. It is important to note that a microphone must pick sound from a certain direction. Polar pattern
is the core determinant of where the reception direction of the microphone is. In order to enjoy utmost fun
when gaming, it is advised that you go for a microphone which has the capacity to pick sound from all
directions (omnidirectional). Such a microphone will give you no limitations when gaming since you can
position it in whatever way you want.
Other polar pattern options include cardioid, shotgun, hyper-cardioid, super-cardioid, bidirectional among
others. They all have distinguishing clear cuts with regard to the direction they receive sound from.
Frequency Response
Basically, the sound output you will get depends on the frequency response of a microphone. It might interest
you to know that some microphones have higher frequency response while others are on the lower side.
Frequency response is, in other words, the level of sensitivity a microphone has to sound. It is usually
indicated in the user manual or the package of a microphone.
It is very important to ensure that you go for a microphone that has high sensitivity to your sound. If your
sound is deep, it would be best to consider a microphone that has low sensitivity to bass. This is because you
might end up distorting the final output after choosing the wrong microphone. A perfect match for that case is
a microphone that is highly sensitive to sharp and lighter sounds.
Audio Interface
Basically, there are two options of audio interface for microphones. The first interface is Analog. This is
considered a better option since the microphones are not as sophisticated as others when it comes to
connection. All you need is to connect it directly to your PC and it will be ready for use. What’s more, such
microphones allow for additional audio gear. This means that you can boost audio in effort to make it better.
The other interface option is USB. They are usually connected to PCs by way of USB. Such microphones
feature a couple of limitations as compared to their Analog counterparts. For instance, you might require a
specific pre-amp that will match with your USB microphone. They are however sophisticated and in line with
Noise Cancellation
It is indisputable that you are in search of a microphone that will offer you the best audio output. One of the
prime things that ensure clean and undistorted audio is the noise cancellation function in microphones. Such
microphones will only capture your sound and mask the background noise. For people who love gaming in
public places, microphones with noise cancellation function are preferable.